“Simply put, Coach Willis was the best coach I’ve ever had.” Being a duel sport college athlete I never thought it was possible to truly excel at both. As cliche as it may sound, she really taught me how to think, work and play REAL basketball! In more recent generations you grow up with these ideas of how you think basketball is suppose to be. Everyone wants to be leading scorer, look the best or hit the game winning basket, but I’ve learned it’s so much more. She taught me to play with purpose and heart! Being the best player is playing your role to the best of your ability and then mastering weakness in your game to allow you become more resourceful on your team and a bigger threat to other teams. WIllis helped me gain a confidence in my game that I never knew existed. [Standing] 5’9 I ended my college basketball career as a starting power forward. Willis has not only influenced me on the court but also off. These are values and lessons I can hold, apply and cherish for the rest of my life. IF YOU’RE NOT TRAINING WITH WILLIS YOU’RE TRIPPIN! (hahaha my DC came out!)

Charnay R.

“Think. Work. Play! has done tremendous thing for my game…” Well first let me introduce myself. My name is Caramina Tañedo, I am 13 years old, left handed, a point guard and I currently play for the Maryland Lady Shooting Stars (Team Maryland). I’ve been work with Ms. Lisa since last year. When she met me I was already good, but she took my game to the next level. From teaching me all her signature moves to constantly pushing me when I wanted to quit… she has even become a mentor for me on and off the court. I honestly don’t know what to do without her. She has played a huge part in my 7th and upcoming 8th grade year. Oh, and I forgot I was the first person in Maryland to beat her 1 on 1!! =) I was the first to be trained by her when she came to Maryland and I have seen Ms.Lisa grow tremendously with her program. T.W.P! is a wonderful program for you to grow and play at the next level. Getting mentored by a former WNBA player is anything anyone could ever ask for. You’re missing out if you don’t come to T.W.P!. But that’s all I have to say… I’ll just let her training to the talking.

Caramina T.

“Lisa is an inspiration to my daughter Caitlyn.” She motivates her to work harder at everything she does. She has elevated her basketball skills considerably. Caitlyn enjoys her time spent with Lisa and always looks forward to it. This is a great relationship and it has really enriched my daughters life.

Bob B.

“Coach Willis not only develops you from the standpoint of a player but also as a competitor.” What makes her unique is her concentration on shaping your offense to attack defensive standards, so not only is she developing your skill; she is also elevating your basketball IQ. Also training is specific to each individual player to insure your assets are being polished and weaknesses are receiving treatment. I literally love my trainer and all that she has done for me, my game and confidence as a player. Thanks coach!

Symrin G.

“Working with Lisa allowed me to develop new skills and build on my game.” After training with her consistently throughout my high school career, I was fortunate enough to earn a Division 1 scholarship to Cal State University of Bakersfield with much thanks to her. I like the fact that training is Lisa’s passion, and it is obvious that she is not in it just for the money. Often our workouts would exceed the time frame set because she was always willing to work on a move until you really understood the concept. Also, having already been where many basketball players are trying to go, Lisa’s knowledge of the game is undoubtedly a cut above the rest. However, what I liked most about Lisa was the fact that training did not stop after the workout at the gym, as it does with many trainers. She would often come to my games to evaluate me, checking to see if I was implementing what was practiced during workouts. To this day she checks up on me to make sure my game is progressing and for that I will be forever grateful. Working with Lisa was always fun, and everytime we worked out she had something different to offer.

Will 79

“There is nothing like training with a professional who has played the game at the highest level.” My daughter Sydney has been training with Lisa for almost a year and the improvement in her game has been amazing! Lisais calm and intelligent in her teaching which makes learning easy. Her instruction has helped Sydney take her game to the next level. I wish we met Lisasooner! Lisa is professional and reliable. We can always count on excellent communication with her and she is very accommodating in her scheduling. I highly recommend her as a personal trainer. Lisa Willis is the illest!

Mickey P.