Mind Grind Community
What is Mind. Grind. Community!?

The Mind. Grind. Community! (MGC) is a basketball community that offers players complete training to be a better student-hooper. No matter where a player is in the world, MGC offers players the mental training needed to work smart and efficiently; not just hard.

MGC offers motivation to help players get up and grind daily. And lastly, MGC provides a community of basketball players who are all working hard to level up their playing performance.


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This community is organized by Lisa Willis who retired from the WNBA in 2010. Willis began developing and mentoring players in 2005 and quickly realized her players’ success came from the holistic approach to developing people into great players. From there, many private and public programs were born. 

Willis realized that she could only reach the population local to her residence and decided to make an outstanding and effective virtual basketball mentorship program.

  • Motivational video callS for all members to prepare for the upcoming month
  • A comprehensive player development training plan for every day of the month
  • A training notebook to track progress
  • Up to 45 minutes of game or practice film review
  • MGC inspirational words to start your day
  • Monthly MGC t-shirt

Coaches Win Games!

Coaches wan you to arrive "ready" to be used. They are focused on winning games for the team; not making sure you can shoot and dribble.

It's up to you to seek outside guidance to become the valued player that you want to be!

Trainers DEVELOP skills!

Think of the skills that you develop as a tool box. (Do you have the visualization? Good!)

Now think about not knowing how to use those tools.

That's not a good look!

The trainer provides you with the tools/ skills that you need to be great. And sometimes the trainer will give you a vague manual.

M.G.C. gives you an extensive guide on when and how to properly use your tools and skills.

M.G.C. CULTIVATES the mentality to dominate!

Don't you want the mindset to be a beast on the court?​

Don't you want to know the right play to make?​

Aren't you tired of not seeing the same options and opportunities as the star player?​

Get your mind right.​

Be valued as a "Key" and "Dominant" player!

If you’re serious about having the “right” training plan, the best mental development, and surrounding yourself with others who aspire to reach similar goals, Mind. Grind. Community is where you should be.