Academy 6



8 week comprehensive skills academy 

60 or 90 minutes, 12-15 players 

Simplifies the 6 components of basketball for all to understand. 

Player evaluations to track your progress

Mindful Development Hoops

Sports & Life Skills Academy

The Objective: The need for youth sports programs is validated and magnified by information that attributes long-term value to participants in these programs. Numerous studies document the direct value of youth participation in sports. These studies indicate a direct correlation demonstrating that involvement in sports results in reducing the potential to become involved in drugs, sex, crime, and gang-related behaviors. Research indicates the economic, social and personal value of “investing” in the lives of children in a positive and constructive manner avoids the social and penal system costs that may later result. To meet this need, T.W.P! offers an experience that serves as a personal “sports reference” for participants throughout their lives. These important benefits continue to validate the T.W.P! concept and model.


The Goals 

  • Provide an equal opportunity to participate, regardless of skill level. 
  • Provide a wholesome, positive, safe, and value-oriented atmosphere in which participants learn teamwork, sportsmanship and interactive skills. 
  • Provide an acceptable outlet for youthful energy. 
  • Include a broad variety of sports/life skills exercises and experiences to further develop self-esteem and personal confidence. 
  • Provide a fun, active, learning and memorable environment that the participants can take back with them at the close of summer.


“Take Flight” is an all-day event at the Client’s gymnasium. This event will include basketball skills development sessions, motivation, inspirations, games, and awards and recognition. While this is a basketball event, the main focus is to motivate the youth to start dreaming, continue dreaming, and to believe in themselves. Workshops and breakout sessions will cover various topics such as self-image, belief systems, hard work and perseverance, education, integrity, and other topics that you may even want to be addressed. As an adult, we can see the seriousness in the discussion topic that will be held. However, this is a fun and entertaining event for the youth. Take Flight allows the involved youth to discuss issues that are dear to their heart, laugh, have fun and be themselves in a safe environment, and to run around, compete and play ball! Through this event, it is the hopes of Think. Work. Play! to be able to inspire the youth to be proud of who they are, and take flight!

Life Skills Through Hoops​

Life Skills Through Hoops is a program that addresses and teaches some of life’s largest and most costly lessons to basketball players specifically. Many basketball players, coaches and trainers will tell you that there are so many “real life” lessons learned on the basketball court. Whether it’s communication, forgiveness, resilience, time management or knowing your life’s purpose, Life Skills Through Hoops offers understanding and preparation for “real world” situations that are not being taught in the classroom.

Soft Skills

Soft Skills 101 is a program for any type of organization. Whether it’s a youth organization, young adults, adults, church group, corporate offices, etc, “soft” skills aka life skills are being taught by T.W.P!’s founder, Lisa Willis! As a motivational and inspirational young lady, along with being a dynamic speaker, Lisa Willis offers an environment to grow within oneself. There are scenarios that people will face that are not discriminatory of age, gender, or ethnicity, and the sooner we master these skills, the sooner we may reach our goals.

Big Hooper, Little Hooper​​

Big Hooper Little Hooper is a basketball mentorship program! Often time today’s young basketball players are being guided by adults or older siblings who have no clue how to get them to the “promise land,” whatever that may be for the player. Professional athletes and other “elite” athletes did not reach their goals without the help of others, and at T.W.P!, we’re not going to force today’s youth to do the same. However, BHLH is a 2-way opportunity for basketball players. Professionals and retired athletes also have the opportunity to pay it forward and feel good about the successes (big or small) that their “little hooper” has achieved. They say knowledge is power, however, after players hang up their shoes, more of the power comes from what you do with that knowledge.

Mindful Development Hoops