Dude, Some Things Are So Easy We Can’t Do It!

The weirdest thing ever is how the things that are so easy for us to do are just a easy for us NOT to do! That baffles me! There are things that, literally, don’t take very much effort to complete. But with that same amount of miniscule effort we choose not to do them. Why is that? If someone paid you $50 to do a five to ten minute form shooting drill every time you walked into the gym before you played, you would say that was the easiest $50 you’ve ever made. They said you had to focus on getting your elbow up, following through high and shooting so that it’s nothing but net! You would be geeked up. You might even go to the gym more often. It’s too easy not to take that offer.

So if it’s that easy, why don’t we do it? Why don’t we do the things that we KNOW will help our performance? We know working on our shot the correct way will render a wet jumper. We know that our confidence will be through the roof if we could only see that are efforts are paying off. We know that our frustrations will be minimized (at least when it comes to making your shots) if we just spend the time to work on our shots the correct way.

Here’s the problem. Our mentality is all screwed up. That’s it. We start to think that this drill is dumb and boring. This drill isn’t going to be impressive if someone comes in the gym and see me. This drill does nothing for my swag. I don’t want to practice my follow through because it’s way cooler to shoot jumpers in the game and quickly bring my arm down as I back pedal. (SIDENOTE: that’s the dumbest thing ever. Have you noticed that you miss that shot a lot when you do that? Have you noticed that when you’re trying to get back into the rhythm you hold your follow through as you focus? SMH. STOP yanking you follow through down.) As easy as this drill is, the drill doesn’t give you that instant gratification. You don’t feel like you’ve accomplished much. So you don’t do it.

You’re hurting yourself by not doing the easy things that will make your game better… and it’s all because of your mental state. When we’re unable to do the easy things we have to start to question whether or not we are mentally tough. Some things just shouldn’t be that hard… especially when it’s easy and doesn’t take much time. Nobody is banning you from shooting three pointers and half court shots. Just do your follow through drill first. And I’m not saying you’ll be like the Splash Brothers because you do a follow through drill. But we all know that it’ll help your shot… tremendously.

This blog wasn’t simply about doing a little follow through drill. That’s just an example of us not taking the opportunities to make our lives better, easier, etc. when it’s so easy to do. This blog is about how our screwed up mentalities can get in the way of making greatness happen for us. Our jacked up mentalities can get in the way of our own success. We have to look in the mirror and look within… If we can’t make the easy decisions in our favor, how can we expect someone else to make the hard decisions in our favor?
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