So here’s the thing… People actually need a day off. Heck, God took a day off and He’s the man! Just because you put #nodaysoff, that doesn’t mean you’re effectively working. Just like tools, we as people can get a little dull. And when we’re a little dull, we’re not as productive as we should be. I tell my players they need to work out 5 days a week. Not because they need to enjoy their weekends, but because they’re body needs to recuperate. Even though most of my athletes are young, injury free, and in good shape, that only touches on the physical aspect of basketball. If you think basketball is merely a game of the most athletic, the most fit, or the best shooters/ball handlers, you’re probably NOT good! Sorry, but that’s the truth. Basketball, at least for the good and great players, is a game of mind, body and soul. So, all of these things need to have the opportunity to rejuvenate themselves.#basketballneversleeps is another popular hashtag. That’s fine if basketball doesn’t sleep, but YOU DO! If you look at the players in the WNBA or NBA and even good college programs, they make sure that they take care of their bodies. Come play off time you see it the most. They get off of social media so they can relax their minds and be ready to go… FOCUSED! Bottom line… as hoopers, you have to start thinking about the big picture. If you’re playing for fun, then keep playing. But if you want basketball to take you around the world as it took me, get you playing in front of thousands of people, as it did for me, make you good money, as it did for me, and put you on a platform (to be a role model) as it did for me, then you need to use and rest your brain as much as your body… That way, you’ll be equipped to put forth your best performance, day in and day out. #thinkworkplay #thinkhoopsthursday