Do we all realize that it is the fundamentals of basketball that gets you playing time? Wins championships? Takes you to the next level? Have we plugged those two together yet? Let’s go over, for starters, what the fundamentals of basketball are. I don’t want to assume that we are all on the same page when I clearly go in the gym, games, camps, etc., and see that we are not. Basketball fundamentals are very basic in nature. It’s the passing, shooting, rebounding, defending, triple threat, screening, lay ups, etc. Those things are what makes up basketball. If you don’t do those things, you literally are not playing basketball. At this point, hopefully you’ve gathered that it’s the way in which you do these things that makes you a fundamentally sound player. How do you shoot the ball or what shots are you taking? How do you dribble or get to the basket? How are you boxing out if you get a rebound? Wait! Did you even box out, or did you just jump? Do you know what it means to be in the triple threat position? Or is that something that beginning hoopers or terrible hoopers do because they can’t dribble or shoot like you? Let me cut to the chase. NBA basketball. WNBA basketball. NCAA basketball. FIBA basketball. In the beginning of the season they are NOTICEABLY more “entertaining.” Towards the end of the season, playoff time, championship time, you will see that teams aren’t dribbling as much. Teams are making as many no look passes. Teams are shooting too many unforced shots. They’re jump stopping. They’re low. They’re not reaching on defense. Heck, towards the end of a “regular season” game you will find this, too. Why? I’m glad you asked. It’s because the fundamentals of basketball is the sure shot way to success. I’m not saying you will not be successful any other way. However, it’s the great decision making skills to be simple, efficient and smart that will seal the deal on the “W” (whatever that may be). Kobe, Lebron, KD, Seimone Augustus, Diana Taurasi, Candace Parker… they are fundamentally sound players. YES… they do all the amazing things that makes you want to mimic them. However, what got them where they are today is the fundamentals. Watch them play for ten minutes straight and you will lose track in counting all the fundamental elements of their games. But today’s players will definitely remember the highlights, dunks, broken ankles, etc. FINAL THOUGHT: It’s not how many balls you can dribble at once, how far you can shoot, how many combo moves you can do before attacking or how high you can dunk that will get you where YOU WANT to be… trust me! #thinkworkplay #thinkhoopsthursday