Random Thought for the Trainers: There is something called “over dribbling.” Simply put… you’re dribbling too much. What that means… you’re not as efficient. Here’s an FYI… college coaches DO NOT like that. Just how in cigarette commercials it’s mandatory that they put all the negative side effects at the bottom or in antidepressant commercials as well, some of these training videos should do the same. DON’T GET ME WRONG… there are a lot of cool things that people can do with two balls, or with 19 dribbles in 3 seconds, or to counter-counter-counter their initial move staying in the same place. It is DEFINITELY entertaining. But just at the beginning, end, or throughout the video, there should be that fine print stating “over dribbling may cause you to feel depressed, sad, irritated, or nauseous due to college coaches showing interest but never offering you a scholarship because of your over use of the “bounce.” #thinkworkplay #thinkhoopsthursday